Tuesday, August 4, 2009

dear lover, i am that girl

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If I died tomorrow, it wouldn't be difficult to assemble the events of the past decade of my life by simply reading through my blogs. I spend a lot of time at my computer--writing, designing, and doing webby things, and as a result, I have accrued several volumes of blog posts and journal entries. In hard-copy life, a new journal usually marks a new journey or transition. And so, as I am about to embark on a new journey--moving from San Francisco to Alaska--it is time also for a new blog. Just photos, poetry, thoughts and bits of life that you might find interesting.

I walk the streets here, in this place of sun and sea breeze, and I walk and I walk and I walk. After work many nights I just walk for hours like someone lost or someone going somewhere very important, sometimes until midnight, snapping a photograph here and there, writing down a few thoughts on a pad of paper. My soles have passed over the rocks on the seacliff, the docks lining the bay, the steamy grates in the tenderloin, the swept sidewalks lining the storefronts.

This city has wrapped around me, taken me in. I've breathed in the breeze, the mountains and the parks, swallowed up long-night conversations and deep belly laughs. The people, memories, and miles of this place I know will travel with me. San Francisco, I will miss you.

Now, I look forward to the space. Space to walk with my thoughts, a warm home with my sister, my family. The cold and dark quiet of the winter.

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