Saturday, August 22, 2009

City Handstand

City Handstand
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Beth and I have been preparing for our show, opening on September 4th in downtown Anchorage, which will consist of 15 diptychs of holga images, each containing one image from each of us. The show will be called "Half" and is an expression of both connection and separation. I have often told Beth, both verbally and in poetry, that I feel that I have not experienced anything when I'm away from her until I've told her about it. I feel like half of a person without her, and I cannot wait to be under the same roof again, in the same city!, after these years.

WIthout you, I am as an amputee itching the air.

The last time that we lived together was during the five days before my departure from Athens to San Francisco; my lease had ended, and Beth and I wanted to soak up sisterly time together anyways. In the middle of the night before the morning I was to leave, I woke up crying, saying, "I don't want to go after all. I just want to stay with you and talk and play cards forever." It was admittedly not my finest hour, but I feel that way still; when I'm with my sister in the same place, I'm both more inspired and more content. I still feel like I want to artistically take on the world, but I'm also completely satisfied with a cup of tea and a game of gin.

As much as I will miss this city so full of life and energy, I cannot wait to land in ANC next weekend at midnight to the arms of my sister, my best friend, my other half.

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