Thursday, October 15, 2009

Birthday: Homer, Alaska

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The beauty of this place is astounding, always. Every morning walk with BA to the park is a gift, every cloudy sky or sun-drenched porch is majestic in its own emotional and liberated way. Here, it is the opposition and the harmony of things; one is free and far away and at the same time shut out from her own country.

This is my country, sweet land of liberty.

I spent my birthday weekend in Homer, Alaska with BA, B, and L, traipsing around the mudflats, the rocks, the beach, and the small fishing town, smoking inside at a small, dark bar, sipping coffee and munching croissants at the local bakery, huddled around a fire with faces flushed with drink and s'mores. In the vast quiet, there was only our laughter, our breaths, ourselves. In the still water, there was the sky, the mountains, and our pale faces dreaming in.

Here, it is the absence that reminds you what you are.

I'm inspired by (and in) this place, by its contrasts--the dive bars overflowing with free popcorn, local music, and good beers to the bluffs and ridges that take my breath away. Alaska, I am happy to know you.

Photo © 2009 Brian Adams

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